Lower Lea looking towards GreenwichUrban regeneration

The East-end of London will be the main focus of the Olympic Zone, with the Lower Lea Valley near Stratford being host to a brand new 80,000-seater Olympic Stadium.


One of the long-term benefits of the games is the provision of 5,000 homes following the conversion of the Olympic Village after the games. However the cost of housing may increase as a result of the regeneration of the area, possibly forcing local poorer families out of their homes. Although with London's large economy, there is some protection from acute price rises during the Games.

Transport improvements

In order to transport the thousands of spectators, athletes, officials and media to the games, the transport links to the east of London are going to be upgraded. These improvements include:

Channel Tunnel Rail Link

  • Channel Tunnel Shuttle link from Stratford to Kings Cross
  • 45% capacity of Jubilee line
  • Extensions to the DLR
  • £1bn improvement to London East line.

Due to the increase in the profile of London during the period of the Games, the whole of the UK is likely to see an increase in tourism. The revenue gained from this is hoped to offset any losses made by the LOCOG


With the Olympic Zone being in an area with high unemployment, the several thousand new short-term jobs is likely to be a big boost for the area.


New venues in an Olympic Park in east London:

• Olympic Park stadium (athletics, opening/closing ceremonies)

• Olympic Park aquatic centre (swimming and diving events).

• Olympic Park velodrome (track cycling)

• Olympic Park BMX track (BMX cycling)

• Olympic Park hockey complex (hockey)

• Olympic Park multi-sport complex (basketball, handball, volleyball, modern
pentathlon events)

• Greenwich Peninsula hall 1 & 2 (badminton, gymnastics, table tennis)

• Broxbourne (canoe slalom)

• University of East London (water polo preliminaries)

• Olympic Park tennis complex (Olympic training venue and Paralympic
competition venue)

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